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% 26lt; positive% 26gt; mockups of \'forward\' in 1994, the 10th issue of the State Language Commission and news publishing department jointly issued the \'modern Chinese common characters\' received 7000 word as the object of analysis summed up lines of Chinese characters structure system of the basic framework is: stroke is less than or equal parts is less than or equal to radical is less than or equal to the whole word. The strokes, including 70 species specific pencil; 560 parts, including free parts 269, adhesive member 291; radical 1771, including watch 236 of the radical meaning, only the phonetic radicals 1215 can table righteousness also phonetic radicals 215, neither semantic is Polo Ralph Lauren Australia not phonetic radicals 104. Contains a part of the body of the word: 269, more than one part of the body of 6730. 6274 radical pictophonetic characters, knowing, chorus, etc. in accordance with a synthetic character, including the pictophonetic characters polo Ralph Lauren Australia Head Office character 5797 a, knowing the word 474, syneresis words 3; remaining 725 is contain at least a neither table righteousness is not phonetic radicals of simple words, simple words in both the single character, synthesis character. Four aspects of the single character and synthesis character \',\' pure and words and synthetic word \',\' consubstantial with radical and allogeneic radical \',\' multi functional radicals and zero function radicals\' made a brief explanation. This paper points ralph Lauren Australia out that the judge polo Ralph Lauren Australia Myer a character is a single word or words fit, mainly from the body determine the word includes several parts, and combination of strokes and free of single stroke is components is the key to the problem, here to emphasize parts of independence, such as two parts which is connected with a more than a contact should be regarded for a lack of independence and the formation of a